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Melanie E. Rijkers
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Melanie E. Rijkers is a Dutch Fine Art Photographer who uses Creative Writing & Visual Storytelling to show the Beauty of Life. Born and raised in Bakel, the Netherlands, she now lives in Breda. She travels all around the world to find Eyespiration, practising the Art to See. To See Life with a Pure, Fresh Eye will make you happy and will generate positive energy. It's a great way to reduce stress. Subjects seen as they are, or: Meditation with Eyes Open.

Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, Life is photographed. Perfect for Storymaking, Branded Content and Web Design. Photo Poems are new shorts, using photos made by the author. A tiny tekst is added, deepening the image. This is a new style of poetry Melanie started with in 2016. To learn more about Eyespiration you can always follow one of her classes in Miksang Contemplative Photography or join a workshop or photo walk.

Hong Kong

Storytelling in Hong Kong

The Book of Eyespiration: Let the world inspire you to take better pictures without a fancy camera. This e-book wil be available soon, first 1000 copies will be free of charge. Eyespiration is not only suitable for photographers, a group of writers of the San Francisco Writers Conference firmly agreed to in February 2016. Two years before that Melanie lead a daily photo walk during SMW Rotterdam, inspiring cops and business men/women to See Life with a Pure, Fresh Eye and how to use these images in their own social media and blogs.

Like Ansel Adams who, when people asked what camera he used, answered "My Eyes", Melanie thinks we are all photographers. Videographers. Writers. Painters. We all have Eyes. But often we only look at the world, and do not See (it).

Times Square New York

“I walk past this point several times a week, but I never saw this.” - Photographic Artist Ronald D. Butler, NYC

If you'd like to know more you can always call, Whatsapp +31650578414 and e-mail Melanie, or sign up for her newsletter. Check her schedule and join Melanie with or without a camera.

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