#Eyespiration shows life as it is, subjects seen as they are. Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, life is photographed.

Eyespiration Photo Therapy

Clarify life goals. Find innerpeace and happiness using a creative process, like storymaking or photo walk. Pure perception will uplift your mood. Feel more relaxed and inspired with Melanie E. Rijkers' Coaching & Visual Consultancy. 1-on-1 sessions available worldwide.

Eyespiration will make you See. See your brand story, see who you are and who you'd like to become. Personal branding and the process of design thinking will create positive energy and new insights for you and your company.

Now let's

  • Get active.
  • Eat. More vegetables and fruit, less meat and sugar
  • Express yourself.
  • Start a project - and create new memories!