To See is my religion, Faith is in my Eyes ~ Melanie E. Rijkers


Eyespiration shows life as it is, subjects seen as they are. Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, life can be seen and photographed. Create your Visual Identity, See your brand story by looking at life with Pure, Fresh Eyes.

The visual process of personal branding and design thinking clarifies life goals. Find inspiration, innerpeace and happiness by storymaking. Prevent writer's block or even a burn-out with a photo walk. Find your calm with Melanie E. Rijkers' coaching & visual consultancy.


Visual consultancy is a new way of coaching, providing a hands-on method in which visual thinking and the visualization of complex issues play an important role. Eyespiration is a combination of positive psychology and pure (straight) photography.

Private sessions, group workshops and e-coaching available. Daily inspiration on Facebook and Pinterest.