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Welcome to the creative process of Seeing Pure. Quiet the monkey brain by taking an Eyespiration Photo Walk. Create Silence Stills with Fresh Eyes and Open Focus. Find Peace in the instance of Mindfulness Photography. Get your free copy of the first chapter now:



EYESPIRATION: Mindfulness photography

Do you think:

I feel so stressed and tired I might be close to a burn-out. I don't have time to go outdoors and take pretty pictures. I want to be free! I miss the freedom to go out exploring the world with my camera. I can't, I don't have time - or money.

Do you wonder:

How do I take a pretty picture. How does my new camera work. How can I learn to take great photos quickly. How do I make time for my hobby. How can I learn to become a better photographer?

Do you wish:

I love to take beautiful pictures all the time. I feel so happy when I do. I get new energy, I feel so strong and free again, with a calm mind. My heart jumps when I take a great photograph. I take time for myself, I feel peaceful and complete.

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Mindfulness Photography Exercise Book is the first book to combine science with sprituality using photography as tool. Offering an in depth course it will guide the creative process to make you See. Pure Perception exercises will silence the mind and open your eyes.

With or without a camera, #Eyespiration will inspire you to:

  • Clarify life goals
  • Find inner peace and happiness
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Focus


Life Coach and PhotoTherapist Melanie E. Rijkers: I love to deepen my knowledge. I love to study art, psychology, spirituality, the science of light and the history of photography. I love to enhance my skills with simple photography exercises.

I love to take a photo walk. To meditate with eyes open to silence my monkey brain. I use my phone to take stellar photos and I just love Instagram.

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About the author

Melanie E. Rijkers (1971) is a miksang contemplative photographer for over 20 years now. She was using mindfulness in her photography way before the word became famous.

Having experienced challenges herself and trying not go completely mad, she kept reading about the insights on Life. At the moment she is studying psychology to become a certified counselor using PhotoTherapy and therapeutic photography.

One day she hopes to be Master in Eyespiration. After 10 years of leading photography groups and workshops in Seeing the world with Pure Eyes, Melanie wrote this book to guide and inspire you.

Eyespiration: Mindfulness Photography is combining science with sprituality, connecting the dots between meditation, philosophy and the history of fine art. Enjoy the silence of a still, pure mind with the help of the exercises in this book.

‘After the workshop we all noticed a change in our perception of the world.’


Would you like to proofread the whole book? Apply via info@melanierijkers.com.

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#Eyespiration shows life as it is, subjects seen as they are. Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, life is photographed.

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