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I love to help people determine and achieve personal goals. Eyespiration Photo Coaching helps in every aspect of your life. Unlike sports coaching or business consultancy, it is holistic and considers every dimension of life. This includes business, career, health and social relationships.

Take action to bring your nervous system back into balance. My Eyespiration method will prevent writer's block, burn-out and reduce stress. What causes stress depends, at least in part, on your perception.

Eyespiration is the mental health self-care tool the world needs

Taking a Eyespiration Photo Walk regularly prevents burnout, helps to cope with anxiety and depression. Experience the simplicity of being in the moment, lighten personal suffering. Walking connects you to your true self.

Eyespiration reduces stress and lifts your heart, e.g. during bereavement. It's a talk as well as an active outdoor workshop. The keynote focuses on perception: Learn how to select or take a photo using three essential key elements in a creative, positive way.

E-books on Eyespiration will be available in 2021. Topics are exploring The Tao of Photography, What is Dutch Buddhism and how to self-use PhotoTherapy, next to Miksang (contemplative) mindfulness photography and Post-Contemporary practice.

Getting into you

Eyespiration is the most inspiring mental health self-care tool. This visual coaching provides a hands-on method in which visual thinking and the visualization of complex issues play an important role.

End the feeling of being lost, connect. Wander the world in the present moment, refuel energy levels lifting mind, body and spirit. What causes stress depends, at least in part, on your perception.

Ancient philosophy of daoism (tao) and buddhism meets modern imaging. Smartphone photography, narrative and NLP coaching guide your journey. Find your calm with a guidedĀ photo walk orĀ private session.


Eyespiration is an in depth course using photography as the creative process to make you See. It also uses PhotoTherapy, therapeutic photography and other, found images. Pure Perception exercises will silence the mind and open your Eyes.

With or without a camera, #Eyespiration will inspire you to:
  • Clarify life goals.
  • Find inner peace and happiness.
  • Feel more relaxed.
  • Focus.

Start looking at life with Pure, Fresh Eyes. Create innerpeace and happiness by storymaking. Personal branding: let your true identity show with an additional portrait shoot. Add some #Eyespiration in your Life!

Coaching, per hour €125


Send me an e-mail or Whatsapp message with your name and question. I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

Eyespiration LifeCoach

Being in the Moment: Tao of Photography. What do you See?