Cruise into Spirit

Taking a Seminar-at-Sea at a Holistic Cruise

Cruise into Spirit

At the last day of the cruise I am thinking about all I’ve seen on board this 17 story tall ship the Oasis of the Seas. This huge ship hardly has any quiet spots, though I did find a little library. I booked an inside stateroom, no window, excellent for writing.

Being indoors for the seminar a lot I was happy to see the sun, but the cloudporn sometimes was amazing too. The ‘Cruise into Spirit’ seminar had a full program with highly qualified spiritual experts and authors, who lead profound experiental workshops.

Cruise into Spirit

Private counceling, readings and healings with celebrity speakers are available too, though all were sold out at the beginning of the cruise. Daily yoga, piano musical meditation, UFO watch under the stars and you could even try Ocean Qigong.

Fun to watch: Shugido by Japanese healer Tsutomu Muramatsu (Master Tom) unique Japanese therapy, together with his former patient & brain therapist Masayo Koshiyama. Koshiyama's machine can make your brain waves go into Alpha (8-13Hz) and Theta (4-6Hz).

Cruise into Spirit

October is not the best period to travel to the Caribbean, rainy season with a lot of clouds or even a hurricane. Matthew just passed by a week prior to my trip. It rained in Nassau, in St. Thomas it was very clouded, finally in St. Maarten I saw blue sky.

I got up at 6 AM each day to watch the sun rise from the Solarium. The infinity is amazing. I love the Blue Hour, to see how the sky turns to pink & red and then Golden Hour is here. Bummer: when sailing back the sunrise image is polluted by the ship's chimneys.

Taking a spiritual cruise is a very good mix of vacation and work. If you'd like to join me, send me an e-mail or Whatsapp +31650578414