Million Dollar Island

Million Dollar Island - Melanie Rijkers

To a desert island

Being dropped on a desert island with 99 strangers ... is this a zen or stress experience?

Last year I traveled to the Philipines for the first edition of the tv-show Million Dollar Island. Wether staying at a tropical island will bring peace of mind, is the big question.

When I see the casting call to travel to an idyllic island and have the chance to win a million euro I instantly feel: Yes, I want to go!

After returning to the Netherlands, I am rich. What an experience. Living off the grid, no smartphone, electricity, running water ... it benefits the brain and body. Even the lack of food, the fasting, the suffering, this experience gives great personal insights.

This (Dutch) show is the first Millio Dollar Island show ever. The format has been sold to a dozen other countries, I am curious how those shows will turn out. Production: If you need a (off camera) participants coach and mentor, I am available.

Million Dollar Island deelnemer Melanie E. Rijkers

'Once in a lifetime experience'

Million Dollar Island arena

Soft Skills Training

Being a certified (IA)-NLP and Photo Coach, I am mostly curious of how the mental suffering will affect me. Can I cope with the stress of fighting for food, having to build your own bed and many more 'outback' experiences.

I am a modest person, and will not be visible on the show much I reckon. To me, the uninhabited island experience is all mine and my team's. The biggest insight I get is that I, a typical creative loner, am perfectly able to work, live and breath as member of a team.

When you aren't afraid to feel, you will heal. I deal with childhood trauma not being or feeling good enough. I will find my true self by being pure and open. By minding my own business first, and then help others.

To see more about me and my team, check my Instagram. I will also write more island stories in English soon.

Bali retreat, Eyespiration fotoreis Melanie Rijkers

No smartphone

A lot of stuff isn't allowed on the island. I can not bring my camera! Or phone to take pictures. Me, a professional photographer for over 25 years ... it is really hard not to be able to capture all the beauty of the island.

We are given a lot of instructions what to bring and what not to bring. Pack a bag with 8 kg max luggage. Do not bring a sheet, towel or toiletries.

No (survival) books, no paper, pen, or digital notebook. Personal items like a pluche toy or photos are okay. Unlimited water, sunscreen lotion and insect repellent will be available.

I fuss about bringing my flip flops or not. The strong advise is to bring firm shoes to walk on land and in water, and not to walk barefoot. What kind of bikini do I need? After my weight loss (20 lbs previous year) I do not mind being on telly with my belly or bum, but I do not want to show nudity.

I buy two matching bikinis in a sportswear store, as well as shoes and skirts. In my next story I will tell you all about what turned out to be the best choice of clothing.

Millio Dollar Island: 100 deelnemers, 1 miljoen


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The original Million Dollar Island aired on Dutch tv March 2022, SBS6.

In 2023 a Belgium/Dutch co-production aired, as well as an Australian show.

Personal inspiration

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Eyespiration workshop with local students, Bali island

Another island I love: Bali, 2015. Eyespiration workshop with media students in Sudaji.