Eyespiration Photo Walk

Mindfulness Eyespiration Photo Walk

Eyespiration shows life as it is, subjects seen as they are. Struck by its beauty or remarkable appearance, in detail often, life is seen and photographed.

Attending my Eyespiration photo walk will prevent writer's block, burn-out and reduce stress. Experience mindfulness by being in the moment, at ANY location. You can take photos with smartphone or camera, or take a 'mind picture'.

You can attend this workshop with a group or in a private session. Learn how to Meditate with Eyes open. How to See the beauty of our world, in a spiritual yet minimalistic way. Pure perception creates positive energy and happiness for its creator and audience.

Mindfulness Eyespiration Photo Walk

Explore the Art of Pure Perception

As Life Coach I use Therapeutic Photography and PhotoTherapy to help you See. Eyespiration will clarify life goals and uplift your mood. Innerpeace and happiness are found during a guided creative process. Pure perception will make you see from the heart,

Since the invention of the photo camera photographers - people who take photographs (nowadays: anyone with a device that documents images) – know that special feeling you get when taking a beautiful picture. To capture the moment will set the soul on fire!

Mindfulness Eyespiration Photo Walk

Being in the moment is the Tao of photography

Contemplative photography is called Miksang in Tibetan. Rewire your brain with my Eyespiration method. Neuro-science calls the ability of your brain to change neuroplasticity. Scientific studies also revealed people feel happier and heal faster (like in hospital) when looking at photos of nature.

I've lead photo walks and workshops in various places the Netherlands, as well in Antwerp Belgium, Paris France, London UK, San Francisco USA, Maui Hawaii. I even lead Eyespiration walks onboard a cruise.

If you'd like to join me on a photo trip:


Send me an e-mail or Whatsapp message with your name and request. I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

Eyespiration photo walks are also part of my visual consultancy and coaching process.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, ages 14 and up. Children 7-13 are more than welcome, but need to be able to work with their own phone or camera and must be guided by an adult.

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