Alaska Cruise Eyespiration


It's the first morning onboard the Jewel of the Seas, when I go outside on deck to watch the sunrise. I'm in Alaska in June and nights are short, it's 5 AM. The wind almost blows me of my feet when I enter the top deck, but the views are so worth it. Amazing infintiy, with on one side a hazy purple light blue sky and on the other side a warm, golden glow behind some clouds.

I never imagined you could see this far from a boat. Sorry, ‘ship’. The cruise ship amazed me by not being bumpy by waves at all, and I actually enjoy the movement of the water while meditating with the group. I am attending a seminar at sea, and never been onboard a cruise ship before. With the amazing views I see each morning I want to sail forever. Staring over the water, with only a few other people present, I feel one with nature.


Amazing skies, infinite water and colours that touch me like I am in a bath of light beams. Golden eye in the sky, the sun finally rises above the mountains. I am surrounded by pure magic, I never felt so close to nature before. So much Eyespiration! I feel blessed to witness all this beauty on earth. I am sharing my photos with you to show you how beautiful Life is, if only you can See.

Being in the moment is easy here

Please join me onboard and let me guide you. Eyespiration is an in depth course using photography as tool. The Eyespiration photo walk is a creative process to make you See with pure, fresh eyes. You can attend this mindfulness workshop with any kind of camera, or even without one and take 'mind pictures'.


Being in the moment. Onboard a cruise ship, early morning, you can really be whole, complete, feel one with nature and the Universe. We'll use the Eyespiration method, to look at Life with Pure, Fresh Eyes.

Onboard you can walk for miles. I like walking, walking clears my head. The Eyespiration process relieves stress. When you take a photo walk regularly it will prevend burnout and generate positive energy. Also people with depression benefit from taking PhotoTherapy sessions.